Marine Ecosystem Restoration in Changing European Seas

Horizon EC 2020-Topic: SC5-07-2015- RIA-Proposal number: 689518-2

Duration: 2016 – 2020

PI. Dr. Roberto Danovaro


Project summary

The MERCES project is focused on the restoration of different degraded marine habitats, with the aim of: 1) assessing the potential of different technologies and approaches; 2) quantifying the returns in terms of ecosystems services and their socio-economic impacts; 3) defining the legal-policy and governance frameworks needed to optimize the effectiveness of the different restoration approaches. Specific aims include: a) improving existing, and developing new, restoration actions of degraded marine habitats; b) increasing the adaptation of EU degraded marine habitats to global change; c) enhancing marine ecosystem resilience and services; d) conducting cost-benefit analyses for marine restoration measures; e) creating new industrial targets and opportunities.

EII involvement

EwE development, ecosystem modelling, big data