A South Australian gulfs and coastal ecosystem model to optimise multi-species fisheries management in a changing environment

Duraction: 2019-2021

PI: Simon Goldsworthy (UA, Australia)

Website: na

Project summary

There is increasing pressure to manage our marine resources in a fashion that strives to balance diverse societal objectives. Fisheries management in particular, has to contend with optimising the utilisation of shared resources, equitable consideration of ecological, socio-economic and cultural factors, ensuring that fishing activities are sustainable and that marine ecosystem productivity is maintained for present and future generations. Such challenges epitomise South Australia􀂶s Marine Scalefish Fishery (MSF).

This project aims to develop an SA Gulfs and Coastal ecosystem model to provide a Management Strategy
Evaluation (MSE) tool to assess and optimise a range of reform scenarios.

EII role

Ecosystem modelling support, GIS data processing, custom software development