Duration: 2021-2025

Funding: Horizon EC 2020-Topic: BG-08-2018-2019-RIA- SEP-210482854

Coordinator: Dr. Aristotelio Panepistimio Thessalonikis, AUTH, Greece


Project summary

EcoScope aims to promote an efficient ecosystem-based fisheries management. The project will address issues of ecosystem degradation and anthropogenic impacts associated with fisheries exploitation across European Seas.

Information management will be ensured by the EcoScope Platform which will organise and homogenise climate, oceanographic, biogeochemical, biological and fisheries datasets. The EcoScope Toolbox will operate as a decision support tool helping to promote efficient, holistic, sustainable and ecosystem-based fisheries management that will help restore sustainable fisheries and ensure a balance between food security and healthy seas.

New assessment methods for data-poor fisheries, including non-commercial species, as well as for biodiversity and the conservation status of protected megafauna, will be used to assess the status of all ecosystem components across European Seas and test new technologies to assess environmental, anthropogenic and climate impacts on ecosystems and fisheries.

EcoScope is funded by the H2020 Programme, bringing together 24 European Institutions and has a budget of 8 million Euros.

EII role

Feature development (Marine Spatial Planning Challenge simulation platform, deep uncertainty); application support for Ecospace in the various case studies