Duration: 2021-2030

Coordinator: Dr. Martin Visbeck


The Vision of the DITTO Programme is a world where Digital Twins of the Ocean are used to support ocean protection, ocean governance and a sustainable Blue Economy.


The Mission of DITTO is to develop and share a common understanding of digital twins of the ocean (DTO); to establish best practice in the development of DTOs; and advance a digital framework for DTOs to empower ocean professionals from all sectors around the world including scientific users, to effectively create their own digital twins.


Digital Twins will enable users to address ‘What if’ questions based on shared data, models and knowledge. DTOs empower ocean professionals, citizen scientists, policymakers, and the general public alike to visualise and explore ocean knowledge, data, models and forecasts. The use of Digital Twins is wide and rapidly developing spanning a wide range of use cases from engineering to policy to science to operational services. DITTO will promote co-design of twins, education and uptake to demonstrate the value in the Digital Twins.

Read about Digital Twins of the Ocean Explained short paper or explore the DITTO Fact Sheet.

EII role

Ecosystem model interoperability, stakeholder communication, visualizations, and serious game integration – a lot of the fun technical bits